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I NEED to continue Cleaning and Editing the Armor Breakdown and Fitting Charts from Viz Media’s Knight of the Zodiac Mangas! (ノ´д`)

But some of the Scans are pretty BAD (aka the Center area is hidden in between the Spine) so need a more intense Editing & Redrawing Works which I’m not capable of! ヘ(;´Д`ヘ) 

SOURCE: VIZ MEDIA’s Knights of the Zodiac
SCANNED & EDITED BY: Haldir (ME Lah! (>y<) )

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Saint Seiya | The Saint Seiya universe by Masami Kurumada

It’s been some time since Saint Seiya spin-offs exist, and I still receive feedback about how different they feel from the original series. It is true, with every saga, the emotions of mangakas, editors and directors may result in changes in contents.

To me, what matters most is, that all this is about a generation who read my manga when they were kids. Nobody but them is more enthusiastic about my work. You can rest assured that I know it is in the best hands.

My only wish is that each and every one of my fans can get the best out of the different flavours of the sagas that have my name.

- Masami Kurumada, vol 6 Next Dimension.

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